Midi Complex: Touring Performance/Edit System

Designed to be dual purpose. One is a concert A/B digital audio performance system with 16 audio sub-mixes per system “side-by-each” and running in perfect sync for live music augmentation. Two is a 96-channel live recording/editing system. MOTU based with ProTools integration, this system is the culmination of Midi Complex design experience to create a multi-purpose digital audio road system. As a satellite, a Laptop-Firewire system mates with this rig for broadcast shows and ‘fly-ins’. This hybrid system runs on Mac system 9 and 10 in order to utilize it’s reliable power for the Prime and the Sub. Every Act has it’s own customized system performance requirements. 2-Mac Duals, 4-2408MkIII, MComplex 16x16x16 switcher, TC Distro, Digi Features.