Julio Iglesias Concert Digital Playback System (2001)

This custom design is an evolution from its inception in 1995 designed specifically for Mr. Iglesias’ live performance requirements. This tandem system doubles as a dual on-line editing system, which is necessary to keep up with pre-show edits. Song selection is spontaneous during the show. The drummer has automation control of the system to select songs and control start and stop. The operator still has complete control over the performance of the system. This rig is used to musically enhance his talented ensemble. 2-Mac G4 500Mhz, 2-MOTU 2408, 2-MOTU MTPAVUSB, Spec UltraMix. Midi Complex has been designing, building and programming digital audio systems since 1987. These are some of our signature designs. As we progress, as technology progresses, we look ahead to create new, stable and exciting digital music innovations. We offer this service and experience to you