Christian Castro Dual-Split Digital Performance System (2003)

Christians’ system was customized to his specific performance needs. His engineers wanted a dual performance system yet it must be able to fit onto a private jet for broadcast appearances. Due to the data requirements, we designed a Laptop-Firewire system with a customized MComplex switcher. The rack was designed so that the top could separate from the bottom to be a stand-alone system for ‘one-offs’. In concert, it re-joins the main system in order to have an online backup in sync. Four MOTU 828mkIIs were used (2 per system) to provide the required audio output splits that they needed to assign from MOTUs’ Digital Performer. This system performs in perfect tandem. 2-Mac G4 Titanium 1Ghz, 4 MOTU 828mkII, 1-MComplex 16x16x16 switcher, Glyph FW drives.