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Midi Complex: Touring Performance/Edit System

Designed to be dual purpose. One is a concert A/B digital audio performance system with 16 audio sub-mixes per system “side-by-each” and running in perfect sync for live music augmentation. Two is a 96-channel live recording/editing system. MOTU based with ProTools integration, this system is the culmination of Midi Complex design experience to create a multi-purpose digital audio road system. As a satellite, a Laptop-Firewire system mates with this rig for broadcast shows and ‘fly-ins’. This hybrid system runs on Mac system 9 and 10 in order to utilize it’s reliable power for the Prime and the Sub. Every Act has it’s own customized system performance requirements. 2-Mac Duals, 4-2408MkIII, MComplex 16x16x16 switcher, TC Distro, Digi Features.

Bette Midler Keyboard/Digital Performance System (2003)

Using Digital Performer was imperative with integrating a live keyboard system using virtual instruments and digital audio for performance. Since the digital audio data focused on time code for performance-video sync and minor keyboard filler parts, we could run buffers low to insure no latency for the virtual instruments and not tax the drives with audio playback. A Laptop-Firewire rig was chosen for this purpose with a ‘B’ system not only switching audio but midi patching as well. Automation was integrated with the drummer for performance control. 2-Mac G4 Titanium 1Ghz, 2 MOTU 828mkII, Glyph FW Drives, Akai Samplers

Shakira Tour of the Mongoose Digital System (2002)

Shakiras’ system was designed to enhance her concert musical performance and serve as a control center syncing video and lights to the band. Everyone has to play together and get along! This system is designed as an A/B rig. If for any reason A fails or if the band and computers get out of sync due to spontaneous arrangements, the B system is there to switch to as a backup or relocate to the bands’ position in the song. After all, it is a live show. A laptop firewire system was added for broadcast shows. And yes, Shakira sang every note of the show. 2-Mac G4 933Mhz, 2-MOTU 1296, Clair Bros. Switcher, DP3.11, 1-MOTU 828

Christian Castro Dual-Split Digital Performance System (2003)

Christians’ system was customized to his specific performance needs. His engineers wanted a dual performance system yet it must be able to fit onto a private jet for broadcast appearances. Due to the data requirements, we designed a Laptop-Firewire system with a customized MComplex switcher. The rack was designed so that the top could separate from the bottom to be a stand-alone system for ‘one-offs’. In concert, it re-joins the main system in order to have an online backup in sync. Four MOTU 828mkIIs were used (2 per system) to provide the required audio output splits that they needed to assign from MOTUs’ Digital Performer. This system performs in perfect tandem. 2-Mac G4 Titanium 1Ghz, 4 MOTU 828mkII, 1-MComplex 16x16x16 switcher, Glyph FW drives.

Julio Iglesias Concert Digital Playback System (2001)

This custom design is an evolution from its inception in 1995 designed specifically for Mr. Iglesias’ live performance requirements. This tandem system doubles as a dual on-line editing system, which is necessary to keep up with pre-show edits. Song selection is spontaneous during the show. The drummer has automation control of the system to select songs and control start and stop. The operator still has complete control over the performance of the system. This rig is used to musically enhance his talented ensemble. 2-Mac G4 500Mhz, 2-MOTU 2408, 2-MOTU MTPAVUSB, Spec UltraMix. Midi Complex has been designing, building and programming digital audio systems since 1987. These are some of our signature designs. As we progress, as technology progresses, we look ahead to create new, stable and exciting digital music innovations. We offer this service and experience to you