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In the studio, a creative artist has a large palette of electronic, virtual and acoustic intruments to choose from in order to express their ‘musical vision’ to our mind’s ear.

To reproduce these sounds for the live experience that your fans will enjoy and appreciate, you will find yourself using what has become today, common and familiar technology.  Digital Playback Systems, Midi Technology, Keyboard Systems with the ability to reproduce the subtly of the most emotional orchestra to the excitement a of dance club in a concert environment.

Each song is a work of art unto it’s own ~ Each performance is the vision of the artist.

Midi Complex provides the talent and tools necessary to accomplish this goal using the most update technology of the day with regards to one common goal…

Midi Complex integrates music and current digital audio and midi technology to enhance an artist’s LIVE Performances to ensure that 

The Music is The Artist’s Vision

 See what we’ve done and what we can do for you!